Music Video Shoot in NYC

Last weekend I went up to NYC to shoot the music video for the title track off my new EP “On My Way.”  It was awesome- once we got in,  we spent a good bit of the evening Friday night discussing the shoot at a cozy nook in Brooklyn and had some organic grits and eggs, mmmmmm good.  Just the thing to eat the night before you’re shooting a music video, right?  It was getting pretty late- our production schedule written on the table in crayons (pictured below).

After much debate, we decided to wake up at 5am to begin shooting the taxi scene on the upper west side followed by some other scenes in the apt., etc.  Below are some pic’s from the shoot.

We’re filming the rest of the video in the next couple of weeks… I can’t wait till it’s finished!

Stay tuned for the new EP-  I’m releasing it next week at the 930 club in DC this Saturday night, July 10, and would love to see your faces.


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