Only a year into performing her music professionally, Danni Rosner has aggregated an audience that has dually fallen for her charismatic stage performances, and her vibrant organic pop. The independent artist produced 2008s “The Worst Part is Waiting” EP, followed by the release of her 2009 LP “Piano Actress,” and is anticipating the production of a new EP this coming spring. With a drive to share her music, 365 days has yielded a wealth of creativity, but also recognition, having been chosen to perform at the historic Apollo Theater (tallying a Top 3 Amateur Night performance), opening for Top-40s Matt Nathanson, and scoring a Saturday night gig at NYCs famed The Bitter End, plus more.


Danni Rosner writes music all the time- in the car, in the shower- sometimes in the grocery store. Like many songwriters, she writes wherever the inspiration strikes her. It’s the honesty of her branded organic pop that plays just as much into the catchiness of her tunes, as do the ‘can’t get ‘em out of your head’ melodies, calming chords, soothing progressions and the (intended) lack of overproduction.


PIANO ACTRESS- tells you more about her than a bio ever could: it’s a year-long collection of stories told through the eyes and the soul of her life as the ‘piano actress’. The album blends a chilled vibe with emotional intensity- it’s one part soul, one part rock and all parts heart.

From the punch of the first song, “Piano Actress,” the LP features full band selections, but also includes songs that are simply complex. “Over the Top,” and “My Piano” like all of her songs, were written on the keys, but are presented without embellishment- hauntingly stripped and revealing vulnerability.

The vibe continues with “Rock on By,” where Danny Kalb (Beck, Ben Harper, Rilo Kiley, Jack Johnson) and Danni, instead of recording a new studio cut of the song, used a 2 AM demo version recorded in her apartment months prior, because it magically captures the raw emotion of her voice in the most organic kind of way (you can even hear the AC running in the background and her clicking her MACbook to begin the recording.)

It’s clear she knows who she is, and the sophomore indie release, PIANO ACTRESS, sweetly defines the definition.


The multilingual singer grew up in Tokyo, and returned to the states in high school. A Virginia Tech alumni, she holds degrees in Musical Analysis and English and has worked as a TV reporter in Italy, a touring blues singer, and has sang the National Anthem at major sports venues in D.C. (Nationals Park, RFK Stadium, Verizon Center). Weekly, she shares her love of music with viewers as host to Strictly Global, a music video TV show reaching 30 million households across the U.S.

www.dannirosner.com | www.myspace.com/dannirosner | www.facebook.com/dannirosnermusic | www.twitter.com/dannirosner


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